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Saturday, 28 July 2012

3 Sexual Positions for Deep Penetration [Pictures and Images]

Deep penetration could be achieved with several different sexual positions. These techniques and positions are used commonly to conceive baby boy. Three specific sexual positions are recommended, namely: the “astride position”, the “doggy style”, and the “spread eagle”.  See images or pictures below:

The first position, the “doggy style”, is achieved using two techniques: the woman can situate on all fours, or she can lean over while standing; both of them are favorable. Penetration is achieved by penetrating through the rear part of the vagina.

doggy style to conceive baby boy

Another position, the “spread eagle” lets the woman lie on her stomach while extending her legs as wide as possible to let the man insert his penis from behind. The man could choose to either support himself with his hands or elbows, or put his weight on the woman.
spread eagle position
The two positions mentioned allow deep penetration because they give the man control of the sexual activity. It is important to know that when the man is about to ejaculate, he should place his penis deep into the woman’s vagina so as to let the sperms to be spread above the neck of the cervix.

Alternatively, the “astride position” could be used for the same purpose whilst the woman is in control. This position requires the man to lie on his back while the woman sits on top of him. The woman then lowers herself to achieve penetration. It is best to take note that the man should let the woman know when he is about to ejaculate. This could allow the woman to push down and allow deep penetration as well as ejaculation to happen at the same time.

Timing is important to ensure that the man’s ejaculation and the woman’s orgasm are reached almost at the same time when trying to conceive a boy. When the woman reaches orgasm, her vagina’s acidity is reduced, allowing the sperms to enter in a less harsh environment.

To reach the woman’s orgasm, it is important for the couple to communicate on what could trigger her orgasm. Such as in the “astride position”, the man can fondle, suck or lick the woman’s breast which could help her reach orgasm.

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